Monday, July 8, 2013

The Dear Daughter Series

I don't know about you, but growing up I didn't know much about my mom other than she was "Mom" and she made us homemade donuts on rainy days and I thought she was beautiful. As I grew up, I became curious about who she was as a person before me, and what made her tick. And now as a mom, and thinking back to how young my own mother was when she had us, I realize that I want my girls to know me as ME, too. You know?

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our identity as mothers and lose a hold of the person we are - or at least, she gets buried somewhere among the laundry, spit up, heavenly baby smell and those big eyes and rosebud lips that we would give anything to protect, even our lives. Yes, we are mothers, and that is our highest calling during these little years...but we are also women, wives, daughters, friends, dreamers, and so much more.

I wanted to do something special to celebrate the girls' 2nd birthday, so I invited some blog (& IRL) friends to contribute a "dear daughter" letter. Only this time, instead of writing a letter about their girls, it's a letter about themselves. It's a chance to let our daughters glimpse our hearts and souls a little bit more, even if they won't read it for a decade.

Please come back and see the wonderful guests I have lined up to make you smile, cry, affirm and maybe even convict you (in a good way). I can't wait to share their letters - these women are something extraordinary, and I admire them each in special ways.

And the other fun part...

Would you like to participate, too? I'd love to read your letter and share it with others! There is something special about coming together under a common theme or idea and letting each other see our souls just a little bit more, including our children. Use #deardaughterseries to share and pass the word on to friends!

Link Up Below! Find the prompt ideas and learn more about the ultimate goal of the series HERE. 

Now, for my letter...

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