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Rain or Shine: A Letter to My Daughter {Dear Daughter Series}

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Today's letter is from Kira of Rain or Shine, a fellow Portland blogger and a friend in real life! She is a talented designer, has amazing gorgeous hair, and is mama to a daughter named Pearl and a new little guy named Axel. She hosts the hilarious "Portlander Problems" series (this was my contribution) on her blog and also has an Etsy shop full of beautiful handmade baby things. Check out her blog, Etsy shop, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.

Dear Pearl, 

You are almost two years old.  You love drawing with your crayons. You color on paper (or per-per as you call it), but also on the coffee table, the sliding glass door, and the front of the stove. I probably shouldn't let you do it, but the crayons are washable and I like seeing your creativity at work. It reminds me of myself as a child, and since you look just like your daddy, I'm excited to see a bit of me in you.

I was always into drawing as a kid.  I started drawing out clothing design ideas when I was in elementary school while laying on my grandma Pearl's living room floor in front of the tv. We usually watched Golden Girls and Jeopardy while I drew.  Grandma always had paper and crayons/pencils/markers available for your aunts and I to use.  I remember drawing lots of little people and carefully deciding what their outfits would look like.

I also enjoyed re-dressing the celebrities in your Mimi's tabloids.  I would draw new outfits over the red carpet dresses I didn't like with a black sharpie.  I created beautiful new looks for those celebrities, always in solid matte black.

When I entered high school, I took art classes from a teacher who taught me so much and was instrumental in building my confidence as an artist.  Her students called her Fro, and I pray that you will have teachers in your life as amazing as she was for me.

I attended the Apparel Design program at Oregon State University.  I excelled in the program there.  I loved it and probably worked too hard.  I had good friends, but never dated anyone.  I spent most of my evenings doing school work.  I was constantly sewing, drawing, or writing and didn't make time for much else.

I wanted to move to New York after college, devote my life to my career, and never really thought much about having children.  Then right around graduation, your daddy (one of my best friends) told me he had feelings for me.

I had an internship in New York with the iconic American designer Betsey Johnson.  I wasn't about to give that up, so I went to New York.  I talked to your dad every day on the phone.  I ran around the city like a crazy person trying to live that fast paced life.  I loved the experience, but it perfectly taught me something.  My plans for "what I wanted to be when I grew up" were not exactly right for me.

It turns out the big city and the fashion world were not for me.  Portland was for me.  Your dad was for me.  Working in design was for me, but not in high fashion.  And you were for me too.

It's ok to have dreams and big plans for your future. In fact, dreams are wonderful.  I promise to do what I can to help you form those plans and to achieve them.  But it's also ok to change them.  It is my hope and my prayer that whatever you want to do in your life, you end up happy.  I love who you are right now and am excited to see who you become.

 Love you,



  1. This is so beautiful, Kira! Brought tears to my eyes!


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