Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Dear Daughter Letter + Love A Mama Community {Dear Daughter Series}

I hope you've enjoyed the Dear Daughter letters so far - I have! If you want to catch up or start from the beginning, you can start here. And there's more to come every Monday and Thursday of this month. And now I'm excited to open up the link party for you to join in, too!

I wanted to do something special to celebrate the girls' 2nd birthday, so I wrote a "Dear Daughter" letter. Only this time, instead of writing a letter about my hopes and dreams for my girls, it's a letter about ME. It's a chance to let my daughters glimpse my heart and soul a little bit more, and what makes me who I am, even if they won't read it or understand what it truly means for another decade.

I'd love to read your letter and share it with others. There is something special about coming together under a common theme or idea and letting each other, including our children, see the real "us" just a little bit more. Link to your letter, grab the button to display, and use #deardaughterseries to share and pass the word on to friends!

It's real simple. It can be a special memory, a story or anecdote, but something specific, sharing something of yourself with your daughter. You can go as deep or as un-deep as you want; it can be funny, or serious.

And the best news? 

With your permission, I will be compiling letters into a $5 eBook, with profits going to the Love a Mama Community, coordinated and spearheaded by my dear friend Adriel Booker. 

You may know that the Bloggers 4 Birth Kits drive, the drive for solar light suitcases to aid in births, and the whole reason behind Umi Sling is because of this amazing woman and her work with mothers and children in Papua New Guinea. I'd love to support her further monetarily and allow her to put these funds to practical, lasting use in the small rural villages where the maternal death rate is 1 in 7. Learn more about the Love A Mama Community here!

Love A Mama Community - Women empowering women.

The Linky Party will be open until September 1st, then I'll start the work on the eBook and have it ready to launch by Thanksgiving. At that time, I'll check in with everyone who has contributed to request their final permission to publish their letter and collect bios. You can definitely opt out of participating in the eBook, too.

Will you join me? Are you in? I really hope you are!  

Some ideas for your Dear Daughter letter: 

- What was one of your most meaningful relationships in your childhood - neighbor, pet, cousin, etc., and in what ways did they impact who you are today? What kinds of friendships do you hope your daughter experiences? 

- When did you realize that your own mother was not just "Mom," but a woman with a past, and hopes, and dreams? How did that change your relationship? 

- What is your favorite holiday/vacation memory from your childhood? How does that shape your attitude towards your own family memory-making? 

- Think back to when you were in high school or junior high (I know, right? We're old.) What is one of your fondest/most prominent memories, and why? 

- What did you want to be when you grew up, and who/what put that idea into your head? How does your experience of childhood dreams shape the way you direct and encourage your daughters today? 

- Thoughts on beauty, what you thought of yourself, if you have a funny story about first wearing garish blush or cutting up your legs shaving for the first time, or dying your hair a crazy/awesome/terrible color, and the feelings that went along with the experience. 

- Do you remember your first day of school? How nervous were you? What did you wear, and who do you remember? 

These are just some thoughts. You can use these prompts or come up with your own. The point is, it will be from you to your daughter about you. 

Questions? Leave a comment below WITH your email address, or send me an email (meg.kimmelshueATgmailDOTcom). 

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