Friday, September 13, 2013

Local PDX: Richard Herrera About Hair

Now that we're coming out of the don't-leave-the-house stage of my daughters' lives, I've been feeling the need to update my look. I don't do much self-pampering, but over the past couple years, I have realized that keeping up on a nice cut and highlight is a really great way to feel good about myself. I don't do it regularly - two or three times per year - but when I do, it makes such a big difference and I wonder why I don't make it more of a priority.

That said, I've been in Portland for five years and have yet to take the time and energy to find a consistent salon or stylist. I need someone who can keep my very fine (but lots of it) hair looking like it has volume and keep the color the right shade for my skin tone without immediately going brassy or washing me out. I also need it to be on the natural side, because sometimes it will be a good four months before I can get back in, between the cost and the scheduling. When local salon Richard Herrera About Hair contacted me about trying out their services, I was like YES. Yes, please!

Richard Herrera, a native Oregonian, began in the hair business 30 years ago, and since has built a trusted reputation and a sought after experience at his downtown salon. "Recognized as Portland's premier, trendsetting hair salon and bridal boutique by numerous publications, Richard Herrera About Hair offers the very latest in hair cutting techniques and hair coloring and has a fabulous array of salon services and professional products of the highest quality" (from their website). After a pleasant email conversation with their manager, I set up an appointment and started counting the days.

I went in on a Saturday morning to a happily bustling salon where everyone looked happy to be there. I was given a light robe to change into and sipped some coffee while flipping through the newest Elle. First up was color. My colorist was friendly and easy to chat with as she deftly folded my hair into foils. She's expecting her first child, so we had some great conversation and the time flew by.

I sat under the dryer and picked up my Elle I had been clutching with a death grip - I don't get much fashion mag time anywhere else - and at the end of the setting time, I met Kate, who would be doing my cut. She's a Portland native with a great sense of humor, so we chatted and laughed for the next hour as she gave me my cut. At first, I was thinking just a clean up trim. But then I realized that this is probably the best place to get a new, fresh cut, and I should live a little. So, I received THE BEST BOB OF MY LIFE. Not joking. It's amazing. I'm really, really in love with it. And I've had my share of bobs. She also showed me how to get the best straight iron curls - I like my curls loose, fast, and easy. I'm still working on perfecting the curls and getting them the way she did, not quite there.

What I appreciate about Richard's philosophy is that it is heavy on continuous education. Sometimes you end up with a stylist that has been cutting something like "The Rachel" for ten years and it doesn't end up well. Or they pick up a razor. NO! A razor is a death sentence to my type of hair. All clients at Richard Herrera receive the latest techniques in hair cutting, hair coloring, and salon services. So I felt like I was in completely competent hands with Kate, and she even remarked that Richard has made her cut bobs over and over to perfection.

After my BEST BOB, she took me over and waxed my eyebrows - first time, nothing to it - and did my makeup using a new line of mineral makeup called YoungBlood. I had run out of my Alima Pure powder so I picked up this new brand and we'll see how I like it.

I left the salon feeling refreshed, completely happy with my beautiful hair color and chic cut, and my cleaned up eyebrows and new brand of makeup to try out. The best feeling was coming through the gate and Andy saying, "Wow! You look great!" I was feeling like we needed to go somewhere so the makeup didn't go to we went to the playground.

And if you're a bride or have a special event coming up, they specialize in all things brides and with over 20 years of experience, they have a reputation as the salon of choice for bridal services.

I've put up a sidebar button and you can click through to visit, or you can click on this link. And if it sounds like I'm gushing, I totally am. Because it feels good to feel beautiful, you know? Especially as a mom, when you're not guaranteed a shower or even five minutes alone during the day...

I was contacted by Richard Herrera About Hair to review their services, and happily agreed. I review services and only share them with you if they are experiences/products that I believe in.


  1. Ah, love the cut and color - absolutely gorgeous! I've always been envious of girls that can pull of a that length.

  2. Thanks Justine! I'm still loving it a week later - but still working on perfecting those straight iron loose curls....


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