Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 Tips for a Peaceful Home {Carnival of Natural Parenting}

Today I'm writing over at Natural Parents Network for the Carnival of Natural Parenting sharing 5 tips for a peaceful home. Check it out and let me know your best "peaceful home" tips in the comments!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Life {Unplugged} and TWO Giveaways!

I love the idea of 31 Days. Focused, inspirational, challenging, and an opportunity for growth and reflection. There are so many creative subjects that people write about, but this year I'm doing something different. Sometimes the digital world and maintaining life and a presence online is overwhelming and draining. Although I've met beautiful, wonderful people online who have become very dear friends, keeping up with the rest: twitter and facebook posts and groups and blog posts and emails...it's a lot!

31 Days of Life...Unplugged. 

So I'm going bloggy dark. Spending a month with my family, working on in-real-life projects, doing some really fun things like the hand lettering class from Molly Jacques (From Skillshare, have you checked it out yet?) and a photography workshop from Arrow & Apple, and starting a new screenprinting "club" with some local friends (Kira from Rain or Shine and Erika from A Tiny Rocket) that will allow me to create some awesome new designs for Umi Sling. I also started Donald Miller's Storyline workbook, and today I spent the girls' naptime on that instead of web stuff. It was invigorating and refreshing and made me really excited for this next month to live into my life fully and deeply.  

My parameters are: Instagram and email are allowed. No Twitter, blog readers, or blog page Facebook. Personal Facebook once per day, just to keep up with alllllll the family I have (we are many). Online access to the lettering and photography class is also ok. I will be participating in the Carnival of Natural Parenting for October, but I'm writing the post in advance.

Also, this month I'm participating in two awesome giveaways - That Mama Gretchen's birthday giveaway and Natural Mother Magazine's International Babywearing Week giveaway! Head over to both those sites and enter for a chance to win some great prizes!

I'll catch up with you all in November with a special Gift Guide (my first one, it will be short and sweet!) and pictures from my month away.

Check out the list of 31 Day-ers at The Nester. And if you did a 31 Days series, please share in the comments and I'll be sure to catch up with your posts when I'm back!

Happy October, friends! I'll see you all in 31 Days.

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