Monday, November 11, 2013

Picture Playdate at The Playroom {Local PDX}

(me in the middle)

One of the fun things we did during my "month unplugged" was the first Picture Playdate put on by the The Playroom here in Portland.

Last winter, my parents gifted us with a DSLR and I've enjoyed learning how to use it over the past year. But I'll admit, I'm still totally intimidated by the manual function and trying to understand what all the fancy technical jargon even means. I'm not very good at handling the camera with intuition yet, so I mainly have been keeping it on AV mode. This workshop was the perfect opportunity to learn more and get better.

For the first Picture Playdate, a group of us met at a bright little preschool in southeast and settled the kids in with their playdate assistants and some coloring - or, the other parents settled theirs in...mine just screamed. Luckily, I had brought Andy with me to make sure everything went OK and he ended up staying with the girls in the playroom while I sat in on the workshop. He's a keeper.

Jolie Goodson was the amazingly talented guest photographer who sat with us for an hour, divulging her secrets, tips, and reviewing basic photography skills, including the rundown on the big 3: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. And I learned something new that has given me so much more confidence: reading the meter! When you look through the viewfinder, there is a meter on the lense that you can actually adjust. I just never noticed it before and didn't know I could even manipulate it, but I can! Her direction and explanation boosted my confidence and I now am not terrified of the M setting on my Canon dial.


After the workshop, the kids all spilled into the room and we practiced, following them around with our cameras and playing paparazzi while they played, snacked, and started to meltdown because it was close to naptime (oh, wait, the meltdowns were just from my kids. It was one of those days apparently!) A delicious lunch was provided by the chef from The Fireside - a squash and goat cheese sandwich was one of the tastiest things I've eaten lately - as well as thoughtful snacks for the kiddos.

We each left with a goodies from Barre 3, Tina Steinberg Designs, and Perigree Books, new confidence, and some cute pictures of our kids.

Founder and Pea Roo blogger Christine sent me this photo afterwards and it is one of my favorites of us - they come few and far between! A lot of my photos are still sketchy BUT I am stumbling onto those gems that give me even more confidence moving forward in my photography journey.

Check out The Playroom on Facebook and their web site for the next Photo Playdate enrollment info!

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