Sunday, May 18, 2014

how this brain works.

Anyone else really fascinated by personality tests? I love them. The most recent test I retook after a handful of years a version of the Meyers-Briggs test from 16 Personalities online after reading the hilarious Facebook statuses of Megan from Sorta Crunchy. 

Turns out I'm an ENFP. Oh, the freedom! And the clarity! To be MEEEE! Prepare for many caps and punctuation marks ahead because I'm in a state of ENFP excitement/mania/inspiration that will burn way down and then I will come back and read this post and go "what was I thinking, people are gonna think I'm so dumb!" which is classic ENFP weakness/fear of not being liked/being thought stupid.

I think that's why sometimes I get so cripplingly overwhelmed by blogging, because this is my brain:

so then I sit down to write and I want to share ALL THE THINGS but then I get like this so I share NOTHING for weeks even though my brain is about to explode...and then I see SOMETHING SHINY and OOOOO let's go look at it!

and then sometimes I get like this: 


And also the reason I have such trouble staying on task and following through, which has proven to be a BIG hurdle while trying to learn how to run my own small business, which is partly the reason why I MAKE myself do these things, so I learn follow through:

Things I can do for you:

- Help you brainstorm and dream big for your life or start a new business RIGHT NOW
- Find your strengths and become your cheerleader, because YOU ARE AWESOME!
-  Inspire you to be your best self
- Have a fun girl's night, I really can "bring the party" if you need me to! Unless I'm "introverting", but then I'll still really try and will most likely succeed.
- Talk about abstract things and concepts and ideas, such as personality tests.
- Get you pumped up to do something!
- Go on a spontaneous adventure, although I did plan a pretty kick-ass 10 week trip to Europe that was very detailed, because hello ADVENTURE.
- Create a cool spreadsheet / plan / project to be used for short-term (read: exciting) projects with a specific end date

Things I can't really do for you for longer than a month or so:

- Help you write out a practical plan for said amazing brainstorm/dream/business we came up with
- Talk in extreme detail about setting and reaching practical goals
- Play the devil's advocate, because once again YOU ARE AWESOME!
- Sit in tense situations or handle unspoken conflict for very long. Then I'm like "Get me outta here!"
- Manage your money
- Keep you (or me) on task. Because, if you suggest the coffee shop down the street rather than complete a job, I'm all in.
- Follow through consistently without help. I'm working on it. 
- Be counted on to consistently and thoroughly fill out / implement / oversee that cool spreadsheet / plan / project without the help of a detail-oriented person

So this is how my brain works at this point in my life (which I know can change/morph over the years, which gives me solace because as an ENFP I really do not like to be told what to do, even by a personality test)

What's your type? Take the condensed version of the test and get ready to feel totally FREE! Or not, that might be just me. 

*All sources for "unsourced" pictures are floaters from Pinterest. Sorry. If they're yours, politely let me know!*


  1. lol! this is funny! I'm an ESFJ...hmmm. Also, and unrelated, how do you like having the twins in a full size bed...? I can't decide what to do...seperate beds or full...just curious how it's going.

  2. Andy is also an ENFJ! I actually turn introvert when we're together because he's REALLY an extrovert. It's so interesting. And all of his stressors are my weaknesses, so there's that :)

    On the full size bed, meh. I actually want to get them two twins. Ruthie got a black eye from Afton swinging around her baby doll last week, and when they're tired or cranky they turn on each other. I'm hoping to get them settled into separate beds this summer. Hope that helps :)


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