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my postpartum must haves {31 Days of Postpartum Health & Healing}

There are a lot of wonderfully supportive "postpartum must have" lists out there, and each varies in its own way. These are mine!

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 Postpartum Bath Herbs {Sitz Bath}

For soaking and soothing the "scary area" after birth. Also helpful is a sitz bath that sits on top of your toilet if you don't have a bathtub like I do!

Natural Nipple Butter

Enough said. Latch isn't always perfect at first and SHEESH it can hurt! You can use one from a company like Earth Mama Angel Baby or use some coconut oil.

New Mama Bottom Spray

I've used this in both recoveries. It has soothing cucumber and healing witch hazel and comes premixed in a spray bottle - one less thing for me to make! Spray each time you go to the bathroom after rinsing with your peri bottle.

Peri Bottle

Most hospitals or birth centers will provide you one of these. If they don't, be sure to get one! Filled with warm water when toilet paper WON'T be touching your "scary area". Follow up with some soothing bottom spray!


For after birth aches and pains. You can take them every 15 minutes after birth for the first hour, then every few hours after for the first few days. It works on a deep level in your body (not like Tylenol or NSAIDS) so consistency is important. I also took some Tylenol the day after birth but relied on Arnica solely after that.

CrampBark Tincture

For after birth pains. It really works! As cramps can get progressively worse after each birth, this is something I won't be without and highly recommend it. I used the whole bottle over the first few days.

Organic Cotton nursing pads

Soft and the particular brand pictured and linked to holds up really well in the wash. Put them in a mesh lingerie bag to avoid the sock/nursing pad dryer monster.


Ahh. Ice on the "scary area." Felt so good! You can make your own easily by spraying pads with the Soothing Bottom Spray (above), wrapping up in parchment paper or plastic and popping in the freezing. Find recipes on my Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Pinterest board or try this recipe!

Nursing Bra

Avoid underwires for those sensitive milk ducts. It's worth investing a little more into a bra you will be wearing constantly for the next year or so!

Belly Binder

Yes, the Belly Bandit is super cute. But it's also really expensive. You can definitely get away with a cheaper one! But the benefits of belly binding go back centuries and it's a great way to support the repair of your abdominal muscles and diastasis recti. Be sure to read the sizing info before ordering online.

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder

OK, so the first time you have to go #2 after birth can be terrifying. But guess what!? Take magnesium powder daily (as you should be doing during pregnancy anyway, right?) and your first time will not be traumatic, take my word for it. I was even able to completely avoid hemorrhoids after this birth by taking magnesium powder consistently so as to avoid any straining.

Meals from friends and family

This was huge. Set up through Meal Baby or Meal Train, or a well-organized friend. Request nourishing soups, casseroles without a ton of dairy (lots of babies are sensitive to it, including mine) or a taco or burrito bar.

Other must haves include a giant water bottle, a Kindle/new book/iPad, easy to grab snacks, comfy jammies, and lots of help around the house. 

Did I miss anything? Share below! 


  1. You're only missing a big bottle of wine! lol

    Congrats on making it this far! I am due in about a month and need everything.

  2. A few additional recommendations:
    -Ice packs for your boobs - engorgement HURTS when your milk comes in! You can put water on a disposable diaper and freeze it—it won't leak, and it'll wrap around your breasts.
    -Tea tree oil. It promotes healing. I added a few drops of it to the bath and sit in it every night.
    -Frozen cookie dough. You can eat raw eggs again, and it helps as a pick me up! Mmm!

  3. I love the Earth Mama Angle Baby stuff. I used a lot of their products for the labor or my three children and some postpartum as well.


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