Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The first days after birth {31 Days of Postpartum Health & Healing}

"In the first days after birth your every move is guided by what many call instinct, which some women feel is a part of their ancient heritage. Your emotions will have an intensity you may have never felt before. All that you see, taste, touch, hear, smell, and feel will seem exaggerated. Some days will be too much. One moment you may feel deeply saddened by the profound emptiness of your womb. The next moment your heart will soar with joy at the fullness of your arms as you hold your child. These days are a time of healing and recovery. Soon, you'll be remembering this time of your life tenderly, holding it in your heart forever."

- Robin Lim
After the Baby's Birth...A Woman's Way to Wellness

Reading Ms. Lim's book has been a breath of fresh air and put into perspective the gentle way we must pursue postpartum healing. There is so much more at play than what appears on the surface. So mama, be gentle on yourself. Give yourself and your family grace as your navigate this time. It can be a time of beauty or a time of misery. Stress you can't avoid, but do not expect too much from yourself after everything you have just accomplished {birth, no matter how the baby came into this world}. You're doing wonderfully.

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