Tuesday, December 23, 2014

christmas party + eshakti! {review}

Last night was our company Christmas party and we had a blast! It was downtown Portland at the Ace Hotel event space and we gave our employees a great time, including a Happy-Matic photo booth and a Frozen singalong competition. It's always nice to let loose a little and I definitely did! 

Let me talk about my beautiful dress! I was contacted by eShakti a few months ago to see if I wanted to try out an item. It took me a few days to choose, but when I saw this dress newly listed I knew it was the one. I went through the ordering process and there are two options: you can pick a generic sizing, or you can enter your measurements and length preferences for a more exact fit. My problem is that I'm still in the postpartum phase so I didn't know exactly where I'd be when the dress came, so I chose a generic size. 

It took about two weeks for the dress to arrive via DHL and upon opening I was immediately impressed with the detail and quality of the embroidery and beading on the chest and sleeves, down the front of the dress and along the bottom hemline. The material and construction was of good quality, no loose threads or shoddy seams, and being made of polyester, it is super comfortable - let's be honest...I'm not one to suffer too much for fashion :) The top of the dress was a bit big, but I also have been losing inches every month after birth so I was already expecting the fit to be different. 

I held on to the dress for a month before it was time to wear it - last night's company Christmas party! Paired with some gold metallic sandals and gold earrings, this dress was the perfect fit for my personality and was comfy enough to wear all night long and even keep on when I got home! My friend suggested pairing the dress with a belt next time and I agree, but I ran out of time to make that happen. So, visualize a belt. 

I'm really happy this is now a part of my wardrobe and will absolutely consider ordering from eShakti again, especially when I need a dress for a special occasion. I like finding different styles that are uncommonly found and the offerings on eShakti fit that bill. They also have a great selection of "boho chic," lucky for me as I always find myself gravitating towards this style. 

They also always have amazing sales running. Right now, they have 70% off sitewide! 

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