Friday, September 22, 2017

Five Essential Oil Organizers {to help organize your life}

My essential oil bottles live in a wire basket from the Target $1 section...and then one on the window sill, one in the medicine cabinet, and a few in another old cosmetic bag from the clearance section of Old Navy. Sound familiar? The conversation, "where's such-and-such oil?" comes with the answer, "check the med cabinet, or the bathroom cupboard, or above the sink - oh, you know what? It's in my jacket pocket in the closet." Confusion and frustration ensue.

In a quest to be more organized, a new essential oil organizer is on my list. Some very creative individuals are creating super pretty and functional oil organizers, and I think I might - no, I know that I need (want) one.

This wooden storage case holds up to 59 bottles and comes with some bonuses, too. At only $29.99 plus free shipping, with almost all 5 star reviews, this is my top contender for at-home organization. If the budget allows, you could splurge for a $50 model with even more bells and whistles.

(photo from reviewer Gina Karol) 

This round organizer would be cute enough to leave out on the counter. It holds 37 of the 15mL or smaller bottles and is made of raw wood. The picture isn't very clear on the site, but the customer photos in the reviews are clearer so you can see what it looks like up close. 

Ugh, I love Liberty of London fabrics! Sew Grown makes these dainty, beautiful cases that fit 8 roller bottles. 

Hytek Gear essential oil case looks sturdy with nice neutral fabric. This would be better for longer travel, as it fits 30 bottles of multiple sizes. It's a great price, too. 

I love the design on the inside of this stained pine box. The reviews are high, and it can hold 69 bottles! Another option for at-home storage. There are a few smaller versions, too. 

BONUS!  This isn't just an essential oil organizer, it's also a diffuser case! Handmade by Baggage and Co., this pretty case comes with pockets for 8 oils on the inside AND the diffuser to boot! Everyone can use another diffuser, right?

Here are my top five. Which is your favorite? How do you organize your oils?

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