Thursday, October 26, 2017

Have you heard about MightyFix?

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

(This post contains affiliate links. I'm a MightyNest affiliate but pay for my MightyFix out of my own pocket.) 

I'm a subscriber to MightyNest's MightyFix and October marks my one year subscription anniversary! I have really enjoyed this innovative subscription service from MightyNest - it's affordable, dependable, and I've been able to incorporate some cool new environmentally-friendly products into our home. Because I've subscribed for one whole year before writing about my experience, I feel like I have a solid perspective on the program and whether or not I'd continue the service. Fortunately, I have been pleased for a year and will continue to subscribe!

MightyFix is a monthly subscription service from MightyNest that sends a new eco-friendly product(s) straight to your doorstep. You never know what you'll be getting and that is a fun aspect. As another subscriber perk, MightyNest also offers MightyFix member-only deals on the site, too! As a subscriber, I get up to 25% off products that I can add on to my MightyFix shipment, all with free shipping. Pretty sweet.

The MightyFix subscription is only $10 per month, with shipping included, which I think is a good value, especially to discover new products and support a small business. You can also pay a year up front for $99, giving you two months free. To be honest, I usually forget about it until a box or bag arrives in my mailbox with the MightyFix sticker, so it's like getting a little gift every month.

Once you subscribe to MightyFix, you also have the option of sending a MightyFix invite to a friend, and if they sign up, they'll receive their first month free! You can gift a MightyFix, too.

As a business, I also appreciate MightyNest's commitment to schools, to the environment, and to their products. I'm happy to send my dollars their way and have been happy with every purchase I've made.

As a MightyNest affiliate, I have a great offer for my readers to save $7 off their first month and get their wool dryer ball set as your first Fix. I hope you try out the MightyFix for yourself!

Try the MightyFix for only $3 with promo code DRYERFIX2017 and get 3 wool Dryer Balls for your first Fix!

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