Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Warby Parker Experience.

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I have had a fascinating experience with eyesight over the past two years. After my concussion, I struggled with nystagmus and received some intensive treatment to fix it. It improved dramatically, but I still felt like things weren't quite right. When I would drive my kids to school, my eyes and brain would feel so tired and foggy afterwards that I had to lay down and nap. Finally, I made an appointment to see an optometrist in the area that does vision therapy. I went in for an appointment and the Dr. informed me that the accident "activated" astigmatism in my eyes that wasn't there before! So crazy. I was fitted for a pair of glasses with prisms for the nystagmus, a prescription for the astigmatism, and blue-blocking tint to reduce overstimulation.  I call them my "magical" glasses. Partly because they work so well, and partly because they were so damn expensive.

The Dr. also gave me a prescription for reading glasses, which I haven't filled yet. I figured I could have my magical glasses for out in public and my reading glasses could handle being just lenses without the bells and whistles.

I chose to start my search with Warby Parker for a few reasons:

- The Home Try-On Program. I took their fit quiz, chose five frames, and they sent them to me in the mail. I had five days to see which I liked best. There is no purchase obligation with the home try-on program.

- The price. $95, including prescription lenses, is a great value. They also work with some insurances and you can use FSA (flexible spending account) money for Warby Parkers! Order today using your flexible spending account (FSA) dollars.

- I also love that with each purchase, Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses to someone in need and has thus far distributed over 2 million pairs of glasses!

- Andy bought a pair of Warby Parkers a few years ago and they've held up well and he's very happy with them, so I've one happy customer already under my roof.

- Unique and varied frame shapes, styles and colors. It was hard to choose five. Right now, they're featuring their Summer Collection and Archive Collection. 

- One con is that Warby Parker doesn't offer specialty lenses like I need for other scenarios, but they do offer Progressive lenses if you can get a prescription from your eye doctor.

How the Home Try On (HTO) Program Works:

- Browse the styles at Warby Parker and choose 5 pairs
- The glasses are sent to your home, free, for 5 days
- Be awkward and take pictures of yourself to see how they *might actually* look. Feel kinda weird
- Pick your favorite(s) and purchase them at Warby Parker
- Pack up your glasses and send them back with postage covered by WP.

Once I received the glasses in the mail, I wore each of them for a bit. I felt strange taking photos of myself but it is really hard to get a sense of how the glasses actually look on your face - photos are necessary, in my opinion. It's amazing how shape and color can make a face look really different! 

Verdict - Caspar's are fun and trendy, a lot of people in Portland coffee shops have clear glasses. Laurel is a definite No. I'd get more miles out of Finch and Keene...but it would be fun to have something more quirky. Right now, Keene is the winner.

Luckily, Warby Parkers aren't so preciously expensive that I'd have to be happy with them for years (like my magical glasses, those are set.), so the pressure is not so intense and I can experiment a little!

I'll do a follow up post and let you know which ones I go with! Want to try Warby Parker's for yourself, for free? Check out their Home Try-On ProgramShop Warby Parker's New Summer Optical Collection Today!

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