Thursday, May 3, 2018

Family Quest: Oregon State Parks

Last summer we undertook the first and longest camping trip of our little family's life. We went to Glacier National Park for 2 weeks in our tent trailer and had a blast, minus the normal ups and downs of life with three kids. Glacier has experienced record numbers of visitors over the past couple years - people are seeing the value of these gorgeous landscapes!

That trip encouraged us to keep camping a family tradition. This summer we won't have the luxury of taking solid weeks off at a time, so we narrowed our scope and came back to the idea that we really want to continue to get to know our home state of Oregon better than we do.

Because I'm much better at accomplishing life when I make it a project, I thought, why not make it a quest and try to visit every Oregon State Park? It adds an element of adventure and challenge and will make sure that we get off the beaten path!

Looking at the list of Oregon parks, I quickly realized that we definitely will not be able to get to every state park this summer, no where near even close. There are 196 parks, recreation sites, scenic viewpoints, and more on the state parks website! So it will be a project that will take us quite few years, but I think it will be something really fun that our family can look back on with fond memories and something that we accomplished together.

For this summer, I narrowed the list down to the historic sites within a 3 hour drive to knock those out first, because we both love and appreciate history and also want our kids to know that we do not exist in a vacuum and we haven't just always "been here." I want them to know about the native history of the area and how europeans came to be and settle here - good and bad.

I'm going to document our quest here on the blog and encourage you to travel along with us, as well as open the challenge to you as well, no matter what state you live in! Let's show our state governments that we value public lands and want to see them taken care of and enjoyed (and maybe even give us the opportunity to provide positive feedback for government leaders as to what we've found in the parks that aren't visited so often.) If you're interested in taking on your state parks quest, comment below and let me know where you live!

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