Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

I've been looking at expanding my DIY efforts to include more essential oil projects but just never seem to find the time or energy to compile all of the items that are needed. Enter the Simply Earth essential oil company and their unique, high-quality subscription project box!

Simply Earth reached out to me to see if I'd like to give their recipe box a try and I was thrilled to do so, not only because I've been wanting to do more projects like this, but I also like to support small business in a world dominated by massive companies, which extends to the world of essential oils, too. I also love that Simply Earth gives 13% of their profits to organizations fighting human trafficking.

The monthly recipe box provides supplies, including four full-size bottles of pure essential oils, to make six DIY products. Then, every six months, subscribers receive a "bonus box" full of extra tubs, tubes, roller bottles, carrier oils, and everything you'd need to help make the projects in the monthly box, plus any extras for your own favorite projects. You can also purchase single essential oils, blends, and accessories on their site without a subscription.

The August box came with:

Ho Wood
Himalayan Sea Salt
Votive Candle

The recipes included:

Fine Lines Be Gone Roll On
Himalayan Salt Scrub
Detox Bath Soak
Citrus Fresh Face Wash
Himalayan Salt Candle
Refreshing Diffuser Blend

My notes:

The Bonus Box, with a value of $150, comes well packaged with a ton of bottles, jars, roller bottles, and a bottle of almond oil and coconut oil. It feels overwhelming at first, but I keep in mind that this supply box is what I'll need for the next six months of projects!

The recipes were simple and come with attractively designed instruction cards with clear instructions, plus a sheet of adhesive labels to cut out and apply, if desired (good for gift giving!). I made the himalayan salt scrub recipe in only a few minutes, and prepped the himalayan salt candle with the help of my 4 year old. I would have loved if the candle that came with the project was beeswax, but will swap out for one of my own. I absolutely love Frankincense and the Fine Lines Be Gone Roll On is going to get daily use.

A reminder for warm weather folks - I wasn't paying attention when I unscrewed the tub of coconut oil, so it spilled out and down into the box, creating a time consuming cleanup. Next time I will definitely pay attention to my bottle opening. I felt silly because I use coconut oil every day, but I had assumed it was solidified. Whoops!

Overall I was extremely pleased with the Simply Earth box and company. The price of $39 for 4 full-size bottles of essential oils, plus the DIY supplies, is an incredible value! Not only am I building my essential oil collection for a great price, but I'm also making time for more self-care (detox bath soak!) and creating natural, health-promoting experiences for my family.

Now, a special offer for you: 

Use my code BOHOMAMAFREE with your subscription and receive a Bonus Box and a $20 gift card to use for future purposes (it will be emailed to you within 24-48 hrs). 

Try your first Simply Earth recipe box today. 

*This is an unpaid post. Simply Earth sent me their August Box and Bonus Box for free in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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