Tuesday, April 1, 2014

spread your wings

There are those small moments in the life of your children that you are privileged to witness but that scare you at the same time: to see them take a risk, to try something hard. To fail. To dare.

When they're young, it usually consists of their chubby little fingers letting go of your hand to climb the slide for the first time, or to venture away from your side to get a closer look at something irresistibly fascinating. Their searching glance back in your direction as they inch away becomes quicker until it's nights away at sleepovers and summer camp and college.

What do they want to see each time they turn back to look for me? That I'm still here, they're safe. And mostly I think they're searching most for that look in my eyes that tells them, Yes, go spread your wings.

Starting from the earliest days of infancy as they grow into rambunctious little humans and morph into independence-seeking teenagers, our children are searching for the ways we say, Yes, spread your wings, with our actions and words and our behavior. The smallest details to a particular toddler (red cup or blue cup?) or the car keys handed over to an ecstatic teenager (home by curfew) mean the same thing. Spread your wings.

Oh for certain, they'll crash land over and over, losing feathers and hearts and the trust of parents. The dust is a humbling place to be, but it's where life is formed, too. After all, I was not so long ago a child and oh, do I remember those spectacular falls, knowing I had dirt smudged all over my face and so many repairs to make.

My little toddler takes a tumble on her way from one activity to the next, and I slowly help her up, knowing acutely that I won't always be able to break her fall or cushion the blows of the mean world - cause and effect is something we humans cannot get around - and sometimes in the darkest moments I want to bundle us all away from everything but the cocoon of what we know.

But instead I help her up with a smile and a hug. She takes off again to join her sister in their mess-making and turns around for that quick moment. I will myself to wave and give her the nudge she's craving with a happy nod. Spread your wings!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

sunday funday links: pregnancy

Coming off the introspectiveness of yesterday's post comes my current favorite pregnancy links that I find helpful, fascinating, challenging, and entertaining. Actually, the most entertaining part is reading the comments below the posts!

The focus? Making delivery easier/faster/effective! Ha! Don't laugh! But after reading the Fit Pregnancy article, I bought a box of dates from Trader Joes and you can BET I'm going to be eating them every.single.day. And practicing correct squats. My labor with the girls was about 7 hours long start to finish so I'm not exactly sure why I think I need to speed anything up in that area. But I also pushed out 4 lb. babies, this one will definitely be a bit bigger!

I also made a page on Pinterest called Home Birthin' if you want more:

Why Was My Childbirth So Easy? from Mama Natural

Proper Squats from Katy Says

Supplements for Pregnancy from Wellness Mama

110 Positive Birth Stories from Growing Slower

 3 Surprising Tips for an Easier Labor from Fit Pregnancy (Bought my box of dates and pinned a bunch of date recipes!)

5 Factors That Made Natural Labor Easier from Wellness Mama

And ending on this hilarious video from Mama Natural: 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

superglue and blogging

I've decided the time has come for the dreaded D-T-R (define the relationship) talk between me and this little blog here, along with you, the reader. I hesitate to hit publish, but I do want to share my thoughts and then a maybe direction for this corner space that gets a lot of neglect but also sees some really high traffic for reasons mainly starting with Coconut and ending with Oil.

So, to start. "Hello, blog." "Hello, Meg."And hello, reader.

I've had a lot of "goals" for this basic blogger page...ranging from natural mama guru (ha! Plus there are so many countless wonderful bloggers blowing my mind daily anyway) or real food blogger (not gonna, crock pot rules these days) or super intellectual and informative (that's a big stretch, definitely no Joanna Goddard up in here) but basically my motto in life has recently become throw everything to the wall and see what sticks. Some things hold like they are fastened with superglue, most things glop off into a big mess on the floor.

We've all heard those inspirational but totally cliche quotes like "everyone should have a blog! just be yourself!" and "everyone has a story, so share yours!" or, "you are writer, act like one!" but I confess 85% of the time, I'm like, MEH. I hover over the delete button of this blog on a weekly basis. But I just can't do it, because I've met some of the kindest people in this blogosphere and also, the whole first year or so of my girls' lives are here on this blog and I've also captured some wonderful info that is fun to pass along.

So the question becomes, since this will never be my job - I have some savvy friends who are able to make a living from their blogs and I adore them, but it's just not for me - what do I want to do here? 

I met a writer at a little fair trade party (Trades of Hope, another one of many rabbit trails in my life, check it out if you have a sec) and she told me about her writing, and my mom chimed in enthusiastically, "Meg's a writer, too!" and I laughed, because really all I do these days is think about children pooping and potty training and whether I'll get any new stretch marks this pregnancy, and what we'll do for preschool...so I replied, "I think I might have something interesting to write about in 10 years." And her advice stuck to me like superglue (so I guess in the above analogy, I am the wall?) as she said, "Yes. But don't forget to write things down." GLUED.

So, Blog, this next season of your life will be focused on the writing-down, more Just Write style. I won't be sharing much in the way of family specifics, because my girls are getting older and I'm starting to realize the value and importance of their and our family privacy, but you'll see a little action now and then. The beautiful, the hard, the mundane, the totally trivial, the random deep thoughts that are few and far between. Probably some really bad writing, maybe some unexpected gems. Some crunchy mama stuff thrown in, too, cuz I just can't help myself, it really is who I am. But I won't guru you :)

But do you like the DIYs, the recipes, the focus on natural living and being crunchy and weird? You can get your fill of that over on my Pinterest page. It's all kinds of fun and weird!

I look forward to those of you who stay around to offer your thoughts and comments during this next season! Starting April 1, I'll be participating in the ALM Writes prompt-a-day exercise. Probably not every day. I don't know. But join along, it'd be fun!

Tomorrow, I'll go against everything I've written above and share my current favorite pregnancy links.