Thursday, October 4, 2018

My Fall Fair Trade Favorites!

The new fall line from Trades of Hope is here and it is gorgeous! 

I am a Trades of Hope Compassion Entrepreneur (CE) and I really like the company and the solid, empowering work they are doing in the lives of women. Their price point is also right in my sweet spot where I can keep to my budget but also spend on something beautiful that's been made fairly and positively impacts women and families around the world.

So I'm pleased to share my personal favorite Trades of Hope items from the Fall 2018 line!


The Scarlet Clutch - made from embroidered cotton in Thailand. My favorite! 

Black Sundara Set - Iron black and gold candle holder set. Made in India 

Aqua Bracelet - made with Amazonite stone spaced with gold beads. Made in Thailand. 

Safari Sunset Scarf - 100% silk and made in Bangladesh. 

And while it's only October, some people are starting to THINK about the holidays, or maybe friends or families with winter birthdays. Give them a beautiful gift that makes a difference!

And if you are starting to see holiday decorations around the stores and want an alternative, Trades of Hope has got you covered! Like this Sari Star Garland...

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Five Second Rule {Books}

Internal motivation has most always been a struggle for me. Any takers? And the last three years especially as I've dealt with chronic health issues after my concussion that doubled my fatigue level, brain fog, and physical strength. The desire to find something to be motivated by was just gone. 

It's been so hard to become inefficient as a person due to issues beyond my control, but has been absolutely pivotal to my personal growth - to realize how much internal emphasis I put on being a "productive" person - and also emphasis on being a person who earned her way or earned her right to have the kind of life she wants. A lot of words kept popping up in my self-talk, like deserve, and worth, and strive. So that negative self talk has had to GO. Through a long bout of therapy, neurofeedback, and a massive practice of self-compassion and more brain-healing practices, I am beginning to see the fruits!

But because I have been trying to reframe the productive/performance-driven part of me, I've also experienced some major inertia, although this felt freeing and so healing for a while. Then...I kinda got stuck. Real stuck. Like not getting out of bed, deep depression stuck.

A short while ago I stumbled onto Mel Robbins' Instagram page and she had me fascinated by her message of grounded empowerment. I reserved her book The 5 Second Rule at the library and finally got it and got down to business!

The 5 Second Rule

"The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you."

According to Mel, "inside every decision there exists five seconds of courage that can change everything in our lives." It's not about having the right answers, it's just about taking the action to make an actual decision and move forward.

Using the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, a person is able to tap into their own inner courage and their inner instincts, and to honor both those by taking action. The countdown then go retrains the brain and reframes mindset when used consistently over time. It takes a person out of their feelings about things and gives the brain a tool to use to form new habits and new pathways. We all know feelings are good. But sometimes feelings all the feelings can backfire, especially if you're a person who already feels the feels about the feels.

Mel says, "When you start to count 5-4-3-2-1, it is the beginning of a chain reaction that not only awakens the prefrontal cortex, but also gets you ready to make that physical 'initial huge push' that's required to change."

More quotes I love from Mel:

"When you 5-4-3-2-1 push yourself forward you'll discover the magic in your life and you open yourself up to the world, to opportunity, and to possibility. You might not get the girl, the part, or the response you wanted but that's not the point. In the end, you'll get something way cooler - you'll discover the power inside of you."

"Change requires you to act deliberately, despite how you feel."

Here's how I see the 5 second rule working in my own life:

- getting out of bed in the morning - no snooze button! SO HARD. Not great at it yet. ("If you have change your morning routine, you can change anything")
- choosing how to respond to and engage with my kids and my husband.
- choosing how I engage with friends and people at my place of employment
- deciding to go back to school in the subject area that I genuinely love
- deciding how to engage with my recurrent depression and self-talk - for example, are my feelings something that need to be given space and air, or is it just the ANTS invading (automatic negative thoughts)?
- continuing to work on my side hustles despite my huge self-doubt
- ETC!

All these things are all the small decision that make up LIFE! So all in all I'd say the 5 second rule has impacted me in a very positive way. I highly recommend Mel's book, if just to get your own wheels turning about where you're at with change, action, feelings, and growth. All good stuff.

Want more? She has a TED talk here that is worth a viewing and she makes a compelling case against the snooze button! Here's her Instagram again, and her book, the 5 Second Rule.

What about you? How have you battled personal inertia when you felt the time was right to change? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

I've been looking at expanding my DIY efforts to include more essential oil projects but just never seem to find the time or energy to compile all of the items that are needed. Enter the Simply Earth essential oil company and their unique, high-quality subscription project box!

Simply Earth reached out to me to see if I'd like to give their recipe box a try and I was thrilled to do so, not only because I've been wanting to do more projects like this, but I also like to support small business in a world dominated by massive companies, which extends to the world of essential oils, too. I also love that Simply Earth gives 13% of their profits to organizations fighting human trafficking.

The monthly recipe box provides supplies, including four full-size bottles of pure essential oils, to make six DIY products. Then, every six months, subscribers receive a "bonus box" full of extra tubs, tubes, roller bottles, carrier oils, and everything you'd need to help make the projects in the monthly box, plus any extras for your own favorite projects. You can also purchase single essential oils, blends, and accessories on their site without a subscription.

The August box came with:

Ho Wood
Himalayan Sea Salt
Votive Candle

The recipes included:

Fine Lines Be Gone Roll On
Himalayan Salt Scrub
Detox Bath Soak
Citrus Fresh Face Wash
Himalayan Salt Candle
Refreshing Diffuser Blend

My notes:

The Bonus Box, with a value of $150, comes well packaged with a ton of bottles, jars, roller bottles, and a bottle of almond oil and coconut oil. It feels overwhelming at first, but I keep in mind that this supply box is what I'll need for the next six months of projects!

The recipes were simple and come with attractively designed instruction cards with clear instructions, plus a sheet of adhesive labels to cut out and apply, if desired (good for gift giving!). I made the himalayan salt scrub recipe in only a few minutes, and prepped the himalayan salt candle with the help of my 4 year old. I would have loved if the candle that came with the project was beeswax, but will swap out for one of my own. I absolutely love Frankincense and the Fine Lines Be Gone Roll On is going to get daily use.

A reminder for warm weather folks - I wasn't paying attention when I unscrewed the tub of coconut oil, so it spilled out and down into the box, creating a time consuming cleanup. Next time I will definitely pay attention to my bottle opening. I felt silly because I use coconut oil every day, but I had assumed it was solidified. Whoops!

Overall I was extremely pleased with the Simply Earth box and company. The price of $39 for 4 full-size bottles of essential oils, plus the DIY supplies, is an incredible value! Not only am I building my essential oil collection for a great price, but I'm also making time for more self-care (detox bath soak!) and creating natural, health-promoting experiences for my family.

Now, a special offer for you: 

Use my code BOHOMAMAFREE with your subscription and receive a Bonus Box and a $20 gift card to use for future purposes (it will be emailed to you within 24-48 hrs). 

Try your first Simply Earth recipe box today. 

*This is an unpaid post. Simply Earth sent me their August Box and Bonus Box for free in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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