Friday, January 27, 2012

Milk-Friendly breastfeeding interview!

One of my favorite blogs these days is Milk-Friendly. Maryam has a hip sense of style, is so down to earth, and she lives is Hawaii with her adorable little boys (with a third on the way!) and her husband.

My favorite feature of hers is the interview with other breastfeeding mama bloggers. I love reading other women's challenges, advice, and experiences as they journey through breastfeeding their babies. I learn something every time! I also LOVE that most all of the women she interviews gives this advice: Don't Give Up!

I am really happy to be Maryam's blog interview for today. Head over to Milk-Friendly and read about my experience, seven months in!


  1. i saw your interview at milk friendly and saw that you're in portland... me too! awesome job keeping up with twins, yay!

    1. Thanks Marissa, yay for the Pacific Wonderland! Your little guy is too cute!

  2. very cool off to read now!! :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Loved your interview and glad I found your blog! Congrats on making it through the tough early NICU days -- I'm totally impressed with your determination to nurse your twins :)


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