Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just Write: chocolate.

For Valentine's Day, my husband gifted me with a little bag of specially chosen organic Verdun chocolates. He thought of me as he picked out each flavor, knowing I wouldn't like cherry but that I would like coffee and pistachio. It feels good to be in his thoughts, because our life is busy and where seven months has gone, I can hardly tell you.

He reminded me to store the chocolate in the refrigerator, because I have the unfortunate habit of storing chocolate up and then it going bad. The "special" reasons to eat it never come, and then I find myself with artisan squares lovingly poured by hand instead covered in chalky white powder.

Instead of savoring and finding special moments to unwrap a treat, there was spoiling and decay happening - all because the moment wasn't right.

So I have five pieces left, and for each one, I could find a "special" moment during the day and think about it. Or, rather than be so sappily sentimental, I could just sit here on the bed, while the girls nap, think about all the things in my life that I'm thankful for, and eat them all.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! 

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  1. I like the eat them all part.....what a thoughtful guy! :)

  2. My husband is the "save for a special occasion" one in our relationship -- so many treats in various forms went bad before being enjoyed. Since our daughter was born, though, he's turned over a new leaf and is trying to savor the moment IN the moment.

    Those chocolates sound delicious :)

    1. Courtney, they were - I mean, they ARE (I couldn't bring myself to eat them all). The key is "trying", it's a really hard habit to break!

  3. I was thinking about the same thing this year as I pulled out the special valentine making paper I've been hoarding for years. I caught myself scolding the children for not using it sparingly enough and realized for heaven's sake this is WHY I bought it and some of those tiny scraps I've carefully folded away every year are older than the children so joyfully squandering it. "Seizing the Moment", which we as moms are so often encouraged to do, does involve some amount of wallowing at times :) And perhaps a little bit of chocolate over-indulgence now and then...

    1. Oh, that could so be me when my girls are older. I tend to be a little bit of a hoarder with things like paper and pretty notions and too scared to use them...and you're right, what are they for if not to be used?


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