Tuesday, November 6, 2012

just write: the best five minutes, ever.

This past month has been so challenging; I really never thought October would end.

For some reason, my girls deemed October "Freak Out Month" and it felt like someone was always crying or clinging or pulling at my shirt. I felt (still feel) like a bump on a log, just sitting on the floor while the girls crawl in and out of my lap. If I try to get up, they melt down. So hard for a do-er like me.

The weather is also getting colder, days shorter, and there have been moments when I truly wonder HOW I will make it through the winter.

Gloomy weather used to be my favorite. I love living in the Pacific Northwest, and I loved living in England - the weather is similar. You dress in layers, because it can be raining AND the sun can be shining all at the same time. Winters are wet and long.

Last year was the first year I had a hard time with the gloom. Before kids, I'd be at work all day, or head to a coffee shop with a book or my laptop and a steaming latte, or we'd go out to dinner, or to a movie. But these days I am home every day and every night. If I see the sun peek through clouds or the rain stops for a bit, I drop everything and bundle the girls up, rush them into their stroller and we run outside for a walk.

Today, I put the girls down for their nap (so much for transitioning to one nap, we're back to two for the time being thanks to DST!), returned a few emails, contemplated if I should clean the kitchen or take a shower and then went and turned on the shower water.

I had planned on taking as fast a shower as possible to maybe do both, but then I was blessed - yes, blessed - with a way better idea. I went out into the kitchen, plopped the leftover homemade brownies from my in-laws' visit this weekend into a mug, got the Breyer's vanilla out of the freezer, and piled it on top. Then, I took my mug of brownies & ice cream into the bathroom and into the shower.

It was the best five minutes, ever.

Cold, creamy ice cream, rich homemade brownies, a steamy quiet shower...YES. That was a GOOD decision.

Turning off the water, I listened for the sound of crying. None. YES! Double Win. 

I think this winter is going to be all about coping as best I can and a lot of self-care, and sometimes that may look like a morning dessert in the shower. I think I'll be OK with that.

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What are you favorite ways to keep the winter blues at bay? 


  1. Oh, friend. What a marvelous idea. It only reminds me a little bit of when Kramer cooks dinner in the shower on Seinfeld ;)

  2. dude, this is how I feel like every winter. I think I would love it if I lived somewhere were I could ski or snowboard or enjoy the snow a little more, but where I live, there are hardly even hills for sledding... lame. Oh well, at least we'll be enjoying a few snowmen and snow-ball fights!


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