Monday, February 11, 2013

easy valentine's DIY: you're my cup of tea.

I went to a girl's night valentines day party and forgot to make cards for our valentine's exchange, so I grabbed together the supplies I had on hand and came up with these little gems! Use my tutorial as a springboard to create something even cuter, especially if you have more time than I did.


Scrapbook Paper
Scissors or exacto knife
Tea bags

1) Cut out a tea cup template out of some cardstock, use the template to cut teacups out of scrapbook paper. 

2) Using cardstock as your base, measure out how big you want you valentine's do be. Mine was just a little thinner than a tea bag, and just long enough that it could wrap around the back and stay secured with a piece of clear tape. 

3) Glue some scrapbook paper (I used a translucent handmade paper) to the cardstock, then glue your teacup onto the card.

4) Using an exacto knife or scissors, cut a slit near the top of the teacup and in the teacup handle.

5) Tape some string to the back of your teabag, then lay the teabag facing up on the back of the cardstock. 

6) Pull the string through the slit cut in the cardstock above the teacup, then wrap the cardstock around the teabag and secure with a piece of tape.

7) Make a teabag label out of cardstock or use pre-made label to write, "You're my cup of tea!"



  1. I made these a few years ago to give to the teachers at my school - back when I was working 60 hr + weeks and had plenty of time for making little crafty gifts! - and they were a huge hit. I put two teabags in and my labels said "tea for two" :)

    This year? I took a piece of easel paper Lorelei had colored all over, cut hearts out of it, and wrote a very creative "Happy Valentine's Day" on them. And still haven't mailed them yet. Sigh.

  2. How cute is that? You never cease to amaze me!

  3. Cute, what a fun idea!


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