Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Baby Bilum Update & Baby Umi News!

I started Umi Sling after being inspired by my friend Adriel's desire to help the women of rural Papua New Guinea in practical ways. A year ago, she shared the story of baby Umi and her mother Komi, struggling for life in the village of Bamio. Then, she initiated Project Baby Bilum asked us to send ring slings to her so she could take them back with her and help in a small way to improve the lives of mothers and their children. Struck by the story, I wanted to help in a lasting way.

Adriel is back in Bamio as we speak, and she's been updating us all through her Facebook page. And the best news? Umi is alive! When Adriel left, she was unsure of the small baby's fate, and we were all anxious to hear the news, whether good or bad.

Read updates from Adriel's Facebook page to learn more about the ways these small things are making a huge difference in the maternal and infant health of this remote area. And for those of you who have sent Adriel slings or have purchased an Umi Sling, thank you for making a difference!


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