Monday, September 16, 2013

Homeopathic Remedies for a Healthy Smile

Growing up, my little brother spent way too much time at the dentist and orthodontist, and I always felt bad when he came home in pain because another tooth needed to be pulled. My husband suffered the same fate and has terrible childhood memories of the dentist's chair. As an adult, he continues to struggle with painful and sensitive teeth. 

While I never had to experience that excruciating pain, besides braces and having my wisdom teeth removed (which I would not have done now and will not make my kids have this procedure, especially after the American Public Health Association even recommended against it), I was wary of any dentist who looked at my mouth too suspiciously. 

In our journey towards living more holistically, I've become very skeptical of modern one-size-fits-all, single solution dentistry, especially after reading story after story of people healing their cavities through nutrient-dense foods and special diets. When nutritional therapy does not work, there are a number of holistic dentists who treat the whole person, and that is encouraging. We've seen vast improvements in my husband's dental health using intentional nutrition (like homemade stock, raw milk, lots of butter, coconut oil, and cod liver oil, plus k2 supplementation), and in seeking out a dentist willing to treat the whole person. 

For our kids, though, in addition to making sure they're consuming nutrient-dense, nourishing foods, we also give them a little boost through homeopathic cell salts and I'm really hoping that it will help in the long run...

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