Sunday, March 30, 2014

sunday funday links: pregnancy

Coming off the introspectiveness of yesterday's post comes my current favorite pregnancy links that I find helpful, fascinating, challenging, and entertaining. Actually, the most entertaining part is reading the comments below the posts!

The focus? Making delivery easier/faster/effective! Ha! Don't laugh! But after reading the Fit Pregnancy article, I bought a box of dates from Trader Joes and you can BET I'm going to be eating them And practicing correct squats. My labor with the girls was about 7 hours long start to finish so I'm not exactly sure why I think I need to speed anything up in that area. But I also pushed out 4 lb. babies, this one will definitely be a bit bigger!

I also made a page on Pinterest called Home Birthin' if you want more:

Why Was My Childbirth So Easy? from Mama Natural

Proper Squats from Katy Says

Supplements for Pregnancy from Wellness Mama

110 Positive Birth Stories from Growing Slower

 3 Surprising Tips for an Easier Labor from Fit Pregnancy (Bought my box of dates and pinned a bunch of date recipes!)

5 Factors That Made Natural Labor Easier from Wellness Mama

And ending on this hilarious video from Mama Natural: 


  1. thanks for the links, I can see how reading the comments would be entertaining, people always have the randomest/funniest stories when they share them!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  2. They do have the randomest stories - and sometimes the scariest! I have to be careful what I read so I don't psych myself out!


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